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Conditions and Benefits

rest home, care center, and hospital furniture

No matter the type of care environment for patients, having medical furniture adapted to their condition has noteworthy benefits. LPA Medical’s furniture makes a difference in the quality of life of patients with comfort and therapeutic chairs.

Multipurpose medical chairs

LPA Medical designs and manufactures various models of hospital furniture, including comfort chairs for use in hospitals and other healthcare environments. Whether used for the patients’ rooms, for their relocation or for clinical use, our hospital furniture and therapeutic chairs meet the needs of patients treated for a variety of conditions:

  • Seniors with dementia
  • Patients with Alzheimer's
  • Elderly people with loss of autonomy
  • Obesity and bariatric applications
  • Parents and infants in neonatal care
  • Palliative care patients
  • Etc.

Hospital furniture and assisted living furniture

During each stage of our hospital furniture design process, LPA Medical focuses on meeting the highest expectations of the medical community. It is with this in mind that we work hand in hand with managers and healthcare professionals to develop high performance specialized hospital furniture solutions. In addition, to ensure patient relief and comfort, we aim to constantly improve the ergonomics of our hospital furniture to facilitate the work of caregivers in hospitals and other acute or long-term care centers.

With the anti-slip accessories available for most of our hospital furniture, patient positioning is easy and safe for workers as well as for patients.

Regain or extend autonomy

Depending on the disease stage or the level of cognitive faculty impairment, daily activities can be dangerous for some patients without proper hospital furniture. Some patients can have difficulties to perform simple actions on their own, like walking, moving around in their living environment, getting up or sitting down. When patients have access to suitable and safe hospital furniture in their care unit or nursing home, their autonomy and quality of life increases.

Caregivers and administrators
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