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A full range of medical chair accessories

Since 1989, LPA Medical has been a leader in healthcare seating and in chair accessories. We offer an in-depth expertise to improve the well-being of hospitalized patients in care accommodation centers or in palliative care centers. Discover all our medical chairs and the accessories that increase their efficiency and comfort.

For increased relief and safety

To ensure your establishment and patients obtain a product that matches their needs, LPA Medical has developed chair accessories for therapeutic chairs. You can customize our various models according to the needs of your patients and increase their comfort.

  • Anti-slip surface: Our anti-slip chair pad will help patients be positioned in their chair and preventing them from slipping out. The surface contributes to the correct positioning of patients and reduces the risk of injury for nursing staff. This chair accessory brings an extra guarantee of safety for the patient as well as the caregivers who have to carry out the positioning or transfer.
  • Elevating leg rest: The elevating leg rest is compatible with several models. This chair accessory allows positioning aid and increases patient comfort. It is also fully adjustable. It is easy to install and remove thanks to it ingenious fastening system facilitating the staff’s daily work.
  • Pre-Cure® and Pre-Cure® Pro cushions: These medical chair cushions are suitable for patients who are seated for long periods of time, such as people experiencing a loss of mobility and the elderly. Thanks to their materials' composition and their unique design, these positioning cushions are a good preventive or curative chair accessory for sensitive patients.

One-year warranty on our chair accessories

As most of our healthcare seating, LPA Medical chair accessories are covered by our warranty. This covers any manufacturing defects for a one-year period for all chair accessories. Combining sturdy materials with ingenious design, all of our products are built to withstand endless uses. This is why our medical furniture and chair accessories are recognized for their high reliability by healthcare professionals.

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