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our anti-slip chair pads: comfort and safety

Our anti-slip chair pads allow patients to be properly positioned in a chair and maintain their position. These accessories can be used on our medical chairs or any other chair. It is a convenient addition to our hospital medical furniture.

A versatile working tool

The versatility of our anti-slip chair pads makes them an essential chair accessory to promote patient comfort and facilitate the work of caregivers. Their oriented fiber design allows them to be used both as an anti-slip cushion or as a sliding surface:

  • Anti-slip chair pad properties: Maintains the patient in their position. This accessory increases the comfort of the patient’s chair. It provides a greater safety by minimizing the risk of displacement.
  • Sliding properties: When the anti-slip chair pads are used as a sliding surface, they help the nursing staff with patient positioning. They also contribute to improving patient autonomy by allowing them to stay active.

A variety of anti-slip chair pads for all needs

Our anti-slip chair pads are available in six models to meet the different needs of patients and adapt to their morphology. These cushions are of the sleeve or wallet type. Available in lengths ranging from 17 "to 52" and widths ranging from 13 "to 32", our anti-slip chair pads are suitable for all needs. They easily adapt to wheelchairs, rocking chairs or patient room chairs. Models with handles make it easy to position the cushion or move it under the patient.

Quality manufacturing that meets strict healthcare industry requirements

All our anti-slip chair pads meet the high demands of the health sector. The thinness of the cushions favors their positioning under the patient. They do not crease and are easy to clean thanks to their water-repellent properties and their very short drying time. The nylon and rubber lamination process makes them compatible with commonly used disinfectants.

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