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Conditions and Benefits / Bariatric

bariatric chairs for better quality of care

The specialized furniture manufactured by LPA Medical is highly versatile and suitable for the specific needs of bariatric and extra-bariatric patients. These sturdy chairs adjust to almost any height and all models provide patients with increased comfort. Distinguished by their ease of use, our healthcare chairs provide invaluable help to medical staff called upon to provide care for bariatric patients.

Bariatric chairs: for treatment with dignity

Obese patients do not always have access to suitable furniture for their condition and body type. To provide patients with obesity the greatest comfort and relief, LPA Medical designs bariatric chairs with great flexibility, multiple adjustments and several sizes. They easily support the weight of people suffering from obesity and provide optimal positioning. Our bariatric chairs also ensure that caregivers can work safely while minimizing the risk of occupational accidents.

Bariatric chairs that fit harmoniously into every living environment

When designing our medical furniture and bariatric chairs, we favor a “living environment” approach. That’s why our chairs meet the highest standards of the medical community and fit harmoniously into the acute and long-term care environment. With a user-friendly appearance, our bariatric chairs are well accepted by patients and their families, especially in long-term care residences. They facilitate the movement and positioning of bariatric and extra-bariatric patients, while combining optimal comfort with the advantages of a wheelchair.

Take advantage of one of the best warranties on the market

Robust and designed to last, LPA Medical's bariatric chairs combine the best materials with an easy to use adjustment system. We also have one of the best warranties in the field of medical furniture since 1989. Bariatric chairs that you purchase from an authorized distributor come with a lifetime warranty on the frame. We also guarantee the availability of replacement parts for a minimum of 10 years following the purchase of the furniture, which makes it a sustainable and eco-responsible investment.

Caregivers and administrators
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