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privacy policy

privacy policy

Interactive forms and e-mails

The personal information kept by LPA Medical inc. is collected only after you have been informed of the purpose of the collection and you voluntarily submit it either by using a form or by sending us an email.

This information cannot be shared with other organizations without your prior consent.

Cookies and Google Analytics

Google Analytics uses cookies to gather information for statistical purposes in order to improve your experience.

Collected data:

  • Anonymized IP address of your computer
  • Operating system of your device
  • Pages consulted (the date, time and duration of your visits).

By visiting this website, you agree to LPA Medical depositing cookies on your device. You may destroy cookies at any time by erasing your browsing data.

Third party advertisings

LPA Medical uses third-party sites, such as Google and Facebook, to promote its products. When you visit our website, these third parties may use cookies or other similar technologies to collect or receive information about your browsing and thus define your behavior and your browsing habits on the web. The purpose of these technologies is to broadcast advertising based on your interests.

Caregivers and administrators
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