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a wheelchair elevating leg rest

Our wheelchair elevating leg rest swivels and adjusts in length for maximum comfort. It is an essential complement to improve the patient positioning in a wheelchair. This wheelchair leg rest can also be easily removed to combine with several other products. It is available in a right and left version, which can be installed independently or together.

An elevating leg rest easy to adjust

Equipped with a gas spring, our wheelchair elevating leg rest can be adjusted quickly and easily by caregivers. Thanks to its robust and efficient mechanism, the wheelchair elevating leg rest can also be detached and replaced without difficulty. This is why it is an obvious choice for care establishments which treat a large volume of patients, such as hospitals and various health centers. Thanks to the easy adjustments, the risk of injury is greatly reduced for to both workers and wheelchair patients.

An accessory compatible with several healthcare chairs

LPA Medical designs and manufactures highly versatile wheelchair elevating leg rests. These accessories are compatible with many of our products to maximize the comfort of our different healthcare seating models. This lifting leg support is one of the accessories frequently added to the Dyn-Ergo and Evolution mobility chairs, as well as to the Versatile and Nomad rest chairs. Chat with our team to learn about all the options available to your facility to customize the therapy chairs you need.

Extend the patient’s autonomy with a leg rest

Our wheelchair elevating leg rest can pivot outwards, allowing the patients to use their feet properly for safe transfers. More independent patients will thus be able to move around on their own by self-propelling. Whether in an establishment or in-home care, these controlled movements increase the autonomy of patients with loss of mobility, which helps improve well-being and slow muscle degeneration. LPA Medical is proud to work with experts and health professionals since 1989. We provide vulnerable patients with access to healthcare furniture that has a direct positive impact on their medical condition and well-being.

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