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Bodypoint BELTS

LPA Specialty Healthcare Seating distributes Permobil Bodypoint belts, recognized worldwide in the positioning industry. These postural support belts help prevent pressure ulcers and improve mobility, autonomy and positioning for wheelchair users. Indeed, the link between good positioning and a better quality of life for wheelchair users has been established many times.

Good trunk support is essential for healthy breathing, proper head posture and essential functionality, while maintaining good stability. Proper chair positioning begins with proper pelvic positioning.


A special nylon weave has been designed to prevent the fabric from slipping and to make it tough and durable. The seams are strong and will not come off. Bodypoint belts are flexible, easily machine washable and machine resistant. Their sturdy design offers several adjustment options, intended for a wide variety of users and chairs.

Bodypoint offers unmatched efficiency and security. Each model is tested to all applicable third-party standards (including ISO, CEN and ANSI / RESNA), all backed by a limited lifetime warranty.


LPA Medical offers a broad selection of Bodypoint belts to meet your needs, both in pelvic and upper body positioning, including the following product ranges: EVOFLEX, PIVOTFIT ™, Dynamic PivotFit ™, TRIMLINE, STAYFLEX, MONOFLEX ™, Chest Belt, Aeromesh and many others.

Aeromesh® bath products, designed to be safe in a humid environment, complement the adjustment and positioning of the RAZ shower chairs (link to RAZ page), also available at LPA.

We exclusively offer the LPA BPM CM320-M46-B2 belt with a belt anchors adjustment only. This model provides a stable fit that can only be changed with CINCHMOUNT anchors.


  • Push-Button : EB205, HB205, HB209, HB405, HB409, LB205, LB209, LB405, LB409, NB205M, NB205L, 
  • Small Push-Button : HB235, HB239, HB435, HB439, LB235, LB435
  • Swivel-Buckle : EB275, HB275, HB475, 
  • Metal Push-Button : EB235
  • Rehab Latch : EB225, HB225, HB229, HB429, LB225, LB229, LB425, LB429, NB225M, NB225L
  • Side-Release : HB215, HB216, HB415, HB416, HB419, LB416, NB215, 
  • Quad Belt w/Rehab Latch : NB225L
  • Aeromesh : BB101M-1, BB101L-1, BB111L-1 Large, BB111XL-1, BB112L-1, BB112XL-1

*Non-exhaustive list. Contact us for more info.

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