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  • The steel structure is metallic gray in colour. For large quantities, different colours can be requested.

    The wood stains available for the Wood and Transitional THERA-GLIDE® models are Cherry, Natural, Mahogany, Walnut and Ebony. The metal THERA-GLIDE® and Utility armrests are Cherry. See the Colours, Finishes and Fabrics page for further information.

    The Naugasoft vinyl coverings are available in blue, burgundy and cocoa (except for the Optimum, Nomad and Versatile chairs) and Sapphire, Mandarin, Mocha, Meteor, Taupe and Lagoon in Silvertex vinyl for the Optimum, Nomad and Versatile chairs. Crypton fabric is available in a variety of patterns and colours.

    Non-inventoried coverings are available in a multitude of patterns and colours in vinyl, polyurethane and Crypton. Contact your representative for more information.

  • The LPA SPECIALTY HEALTHCARE SEATING warranty covers manufacturing defects for the original owner/user, except for the exclusions listed below, from the date of purchase and for the periods indicated below:

    • For the useful life of the chair’s metal structure*.
    • 5 years on the wooden components of the Thera-Glide® models W and T self-locking gliders.
    • 3 years on the backrest mechanism for all Thera-Glide® self-locking gliders.
    • 3 years on the upholstery.
    • 2 years on all other mechanisms, gas or mechanical locking cylinders, control cables, wheels and trays.
    • 1 year on all separately purchased chair accessories and replacement parts.

    *For further information, visit our Warranty page.

  • Our chairs are designed to be easy to maintain. All models (except the Optimum) are equipped with removable upholstery. The use of soapy water for surface cleaning is sufficient. Avoid pressure or machine washing as this may cause the inside structures to rust, which can interfere with proper operations and create moisture in the upholstery. Disinfect with mild bactericides. Lubricate moving parts occasionally to ensure optimal operation.

  • Upon delivery, each LPA Medical chair comes with a user’s manual, which contains a detailed parts list and a graph of the chair identifying those parts and their part numbers. You will also find the user’s manual at the bottom of each of our product’s page. Properly identify the part and give its number to your LPA representative or distributor who will provide you with the price and installation instructions.

  • Yes! Since 1989 our chairs have been designed to be sturdy and durable in order to withstand the most demanding environments in the health care field. They are designed to facilitate disinfection with bactericidal products most commonly used in health care settings.

  • LPA medical chairs are proudly designed, manufactured and assembled in Quebec, Canada in our Quebec City plant.

  • Our chairs are currently distributed in Canada, the United States and in Europe. However, we can deliver our products anywhere in the world. Contact us now!

  • Yes, however the trial purchase is reserved for institutional clients and only when a demo model is available. To see a demo, contact your LPA representative or go to the nearest distributor. If you are unable to find the model you are looking for, contact us.

  • LPA guarantees replacement parts for at least 10 years after you purchase your chair. It is therefore very likely that these parts are still in production or that a replacement part is available.

    Contact us with the following information to learn more:

    • The chair’s serial number (attached to the base of the chair)
    • Replacement part number (refer to the chair’s user manual)
  • No, LPA chairs are not designed to be pressure washed or washed by a wheelchair washing machine. This kind of washing may cause rust, damage your chair and void its warranty.

  • The paint used on the metal structure is electrostatic powder coating. This solvent-free paint makes our chairs more durable. In addition, an antibacterial additive is added to the paint to help fight bacterial growth.

  • We use a water-based, solvent-free varnish. In addition, an antibacterial additive is added to the clear coat to help fight the bacterial growth.

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