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LPA Medical, a renowned medical chair manufacturer

LPA Medical is a medical chair manufacturer that has been developing, manufacturing and distributing innovative mobility, comfort and positioning seating dedicated to healthcare and geriatric care professionals since 1989. Our mission is to improve the quality of life of our product users. We are dedicated to adapting to their specific needs and optimizing their comfort, as well as maintaining their autonomy. Our therapeutic and geriatric chairs harmoniously blend into a living environment, while facilitating the work of caregivers.

First and foremost, an outstanding product range

Our wide range of solutions addresses the various needs of the hospital, acute, long-term care and homecare environments.

Each of our medical chairs has several adjustment settings and can be augmented with a broad range of accessories. Caregivers can easily custom fit our chairs to ensure a perfect match with patient needs while offering exceptional comfort.

Our products’ design and features facilitate the work of healthcare and geriatric care sector professionals.

As a medical chair manufacturer, our products are developed following a "living environment" approach with an emphasis on aesthetics and style to preserve patients’ dignity and ease the adoption of technical solutions in their recovery process.

Beyond your typical medical chair manufacturer: Your partner and a solution provider

Everyone at LPA Medical shares the same values: Pay attention to our customer’s needs and use their input to drive medical chair development; Provide exceptional customer service, technical assistance, and training; Work hard and conduct business honestly and ethically.

Continually meeting your needs and expectations is our greatest priority. No matter what challenges we encounter, we are always searching for a solution!

From tailored guidance on equipment selection to continuous after-sales support, our expertise goes far beyond that of a typical medical chair manufacturer.

We take pride in supporting you every step in your purchase process and beyond with one goal in mind: the well-being of your patients.

Evolving through research and development

To stay among the best medical chair manufacturers in our field, we widely invest in research and development.

Only by listening to patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals will we maintain our lead in the market and keep developing innovative products which fulfill your patients’ needs.

This mindset makes LPA Medical a partner of choice for hospitals, long-term and acute care facilities, and other institutions of care.

Besides equipping care facilities, we offer ranges of medical chairs tailored for homecare, mainly dedicated to seniors and patients suffering from degenerative diseases.

Caregivers and administrators
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