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As a medical chair manufacturer and distributor, LPA Medical takes pride in designing and manufacturing innovative medical furniture that backs the work of caregivers and improves patients’ quality of life. We focus on medical chairs and accessories specifically designed to adapt to the different body types of patients and integrate harmoniously into their living environments. Contact us now to find medical chair distributors that meet the highest ergonomic and comfort standards.

Our extensive network of medical chair distributors

LPA Medical has been developing its trusted network since 1989. We currently work with a wide selection of distributors and dealers across North America and Europe. These partners share our vision of what medical chair distributors should be. We aim to provide healthcare and hospitality using quality, durable medical furniture with one of the most generous warranties available on the market. Contact us now to find LPA Medical approved medical chair distributors near you.

Become a medical chair distributor

LPA Medical is constantly looking to expand its network of medical chair distributors by partnering with established partners that meet the high expectations and standards of patients and experts in the medical world. These medical chair distributors and suppliers continuously strive to improve the quality of life of patients around the world. Contact LPA Medical to become a medical chair distributor at the cusp of cutting-edge research in the field and take part in our mission. Talk to us about the many possibilities available to you and other medical furniture distributors.

A wide range of therapeutic products

As medical chair distributors, LPA Medical’s large family is proud to improve the quality of care and comfort granted to patients in a multitude of contexts. With a wide variety of therapeutic chairs, we are able to meet the needs of various patients, including:

  • Patients at risk of falling
  • Patients experiencing loss of autonomy or mobility
  • Seniors who wish to stay at home
  • Patients and staff members dedicated to neonatal units
  • Patients with dementia and Alzheimer’s
  • Patients in palliative or geriatric care units
  • Residents in healthcare related accommodation centers
  • Many more

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