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«The man was lying in his bed. I brought the Optimum over and we sat him in it. We brought him to the kitchen and immediately the family got in good spirits again. He was back with them and wasn’t stuck in his bed staring at the ceiling anymore. This was the first time I had espresso. »

Jacques L.

«We went to see a woman who had fallen down and was lying in bed. We sat her in a Dyn-Ergo and within a week she was back to using her walking aid. She had gotten her autonomy, pride and quality of life back. »

Yvon S.

«For the toughest cases, for people with osteoarthritis. The flexible back rest has changed my practice. It really adjusts to the patient’s body. Some patients claim they have never been so comfortable in a chair before »

Geneviève D.

«The Harmony chair is useful in palliative care where it allows transport to the balcony, giving patients who are terminally ill quality moments with their family. »

Jacynthe B.

«The interest shown to their customers is real, they will seek out solutions with you. »

Lynn L.

«They manufacture products that hold up in a clinical environment. »

Marvin S.

«The Thera-Glide® rockers are providing our residents with a safe seating option. It also allows them to remain independent with sitting and standing safely. Staff is also able to safely assist those residents who need help and both residents and staff are at a reduced risk for injury. »

Jay, MN

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