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Nomad | mobile

The Nomad transport chair offers the Versatile chair’s comfort, plus the ability to move the patient around the facility. It allows for time savings by reducing the number of patient transfers.

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Nomad | mobile

1 Easy to adjust

The multiple adjustments and different sizes of the Versatile suit different morphologies. The Z-25 model has an adjustable tilt that can also be assisted by gas cylinder for positioning purposes or help with patient transfers.

2 Superior comfort

With its elastic bands incorporated in the backrest and its seat cushion made of high-resiliency foam, the Versatile offers exceptional comfort.

3 Antibacterial design

Its smooth and easy to disinfect surfaces help prevent infections.

4 Durability

This highly resistant and durable model offers one of the best guarantees in the industry.

5 Customization

Various accessories are available for the Versatile chair, making it possible to address specific needs in terms of positioning or prevention of wounds.

Designed and manufactured in Canada

Lifetime structural warranty

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