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the Pre-Cure® medical chair cushions

LPA Medical has integrated the Pre-Cure® medical chair cushions on all mobility and geriatric chairs. This accessory is also available as an option on all models under the Pre-Cure® Pro moniker. The composition of the materials used and its unique design work together in a preventive or curative way for sensitive conditions.

Medical chair cushions that prevent heat build-up

Our Pre-Cure® medical chair cushions help limit heat build-up and thus maximize comfort, especially for patients who are immobilized for long periods of time. When using these medical chair cushions, their two high resilience foam layers and the injected gel cell viscose foam layer help provide optimal pressure relief. A water-repellent polyurethane stretch envelope covers the entire surface. In addition, the ergonomic shape has been studied to evenly distribute pressure throughout the medical chair cushions.

The Pre-Cure® Pro medical chair cushions: improved ergonomics

Pre-Cure® Pro is optional on all models (except the Utility stacking chair and Thera-Glide® Transitional). As with the Pre-Cure®, it offers the same three foam layers, but with six cut-outs that are removable to incorporate prescribed solutions such as gel or air cushions. The Pre-Cure® Pro Medical Chair Cushion is available in either 10 "x 12" or 16 "x 16" sizes. The use of Pre-Cure® Pro medical chair cushions allows healthcare specialists to maintain the ergonomics of the chair as it was designed for maximum patient comfort. As the Pre-Cure® Pro replaces the standards cushions on the medical chair, all you have to do is insert the prescribed solution.

Manufactured with medical grade materials

Made from medical grade materials, the Pre-Cure® medical chair cushions meet the highest standards in the medical industry. They are designed to facilitate disinfection and is made to resist the most commonly used cleaning products in today’s healthcare environments. Like all of our wide range of healthcare products, the Pre-Cure® medical chair cushions are designed, manufactured and assembled in Canada.

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