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Thera-Glide® | Metal

Various studies have shown that rocking reduces anxiety and provides multiple health benefits. This action has the effect of decreasing agitation, medication and the call to caregivers. The Metal Thera-Glide® self-locking glider has been developed to allow all persons at risk of falling to benefit from the therapeutic effects of rocking while avoiding the dangers associated with an unstable chair. The Metal Thera-Glide® provides benefits, adaptability and a friendly look that meets the requirements of all health communities.

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Thera-Glide® | Metal

1 Gliding self-locking chair

Equipped with a mechanism built into the backrest, the Metal Thera-Glide® locks automatically at the first sign of the user’s intent on getting up and allows rocking when fully seated.

2 Designed to be stable and facilitate transfers

The Metal Thera-Glide® is equipped with anti-tips providing four-axis stability and extended ergonomic armrests for easy and safe transfers.

3 Fits different body types

Available in different widths, its height is also adjustable. It is also possible to adjust the seat depth and the angle of the backrest for optimal positioning.

4 Superior design

The Metal Thera-Glide® chair is the result of expertise developed in collaboration with healthcare professionals, to meet demanding and strict healthcare guidelines. Beyond the desired aesthetic appearance, its metal frame ensures great strength (lifetime warranty on frame).

5 Medical-grade product

All materials used meet the medical criteria for sustainability and resistance to cleaning products and thus help prevent infections.

6 Elegant design

The Metal Thera-Glide® is a medical rocking chair developed to meet therapeutic needs in long-term care. Beyond this mission, its aesthetic appearance respects the environment and the dignity of the user.

Designed and manufactured in Canada

Lifetime structural warranty

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