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Thera-Glide® | Stationary Oasis V-09 and V-10

Never again will you have to compromise between rocking chairs and stationary chairs in your common areas. LPA introduces the Stationary Oasis: a brand-new fixed chair just added to the Oasis series.

Like other Oasis range models, the Stationary is designed for infection prevention. Its surfaces are smooth, accessible and its minimized seams facilitate cleaning and reassignment. The Stationary model is available with topstitching and optional cherry wood armrests. Offered with short or high backrests, these non-gliding chairs are the only ones of their category to be height adjustable and to provide optional seat depth and backrest angle adjustments. The Stationary Oasis will allow you to meet the needs of your users in complete comfort, with cohesion of style for inviting living areas.

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Features and Benefits
Thera-Glide® | Stationary Oasis

1 Adaptable and ajustable

In addition to being height adjustable and offering various options to adapt to the user’s contours, the Stationary Oasis chair is available in two different widths and back heights. With its minimalist design, the V-09 short backrest blends in perfectly with your decor. For maximum comfort, without compromising on style, the V-10 long backrest will charm you.

2 Leader in the fight against infections

With its simple and minimal stitching and large smooth surfaces, the Stationary Oasis is the ideal chair for easy disinfection. Its metal legs are sturdy and its standard rear casters make it easy to move around.

3 Refined design and comfort

The Stationary Oasis armchair does not sacrifice aesthetics for the benefit of functionality. Almost endless possibilities of wood shades and coverings allow it to harmonize with style in your common areas, bedrooms or any other living space: It is a safe bet that will continue to please over time.

Designed and manufactured in Canada

Lifetime structural warranty

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