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Conditions and Benefits / Palliative Care

palliative care furniture

LPA Medical offers a wide range of palliative care furniture which can be used in geriatric and palliative care units. Recliners, positioning, rocking, oscillating or tilt-in-space chairs: we offer therapeutic seating models to help patients in palliative care to have a better quality of life, whether in nursing home or in a hospital environment.

A design that combines comfort and safety

The ingenious design of the LPA Medical palliative care furniture offers caregivers a variety of configurations to maximize patient comfort. By adjusting the height of the headrest, the recline of the backrest, that of the leg rest and the footrest, achieving the optimal positioning for each patient is possible while respecting their condition and morphology. Our easy to use palliative care furniture are an ideal choice for hospitals with high staff turnover.

Benefits of palliative care furniture

In hospitals, long-term care homes or end-of-life care homes, the patient’s surrounding environment makes a big difference in the quality and dignity of their last moments. Having access to some palliative care furniture, like our healthcare seating, significantly contributes to improving their quality of life. The mobility of some of our therapeutic chairs allows for patient mobility, inside, on terraces or balconies. Rocking or oscillating chairs offer patients in palliative care the soothing effects of rocking, the benefits of which have been proven by many studies.

Durable and safe palliative care seating

The palliative care furniture manufactured by LPA Medical has been designed to meet the real needs of healthcare professionals in geriatric and palliative care. Highly durable and safe, our palliative care furniture models increase the well-being of their occupants, while helping caregivers in their daily tasks. Thanks to the many chair adjustments and optional accessories, our medical chairs minimize the risk of injury to the provider and the risk of falls for the patient. More and more care establishments are trusting LPA Medical for this reason. We provide the best-designed medical seating on the market with a strong warranty.

Caregivers and administrators
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