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Conditions and Benefits / Geriatric

geriatric chairs for people with loss of autonomy

LPA Medical offers a whole range of geriatric chairs intended for hospitals and other healthcare institutions. Whether they are hospitalized, receiving long-term treatment or at-home care, geriatric patients require above all else a safe environment. For relatives of patients and medical staff, a senior’s condition following a fall can become a major concern. This is why a growing number of acute and long-term care, health, and rehabilitation establishments are calling on LPA Medical for quality geriatric chairs.

A geriatric chair designed without compromising on safety

The risk of falls among seniors have significant and sometimes dramatic consequences. For elderly patients experiencing a loss of mobility, sitting down in a geriatric chair or standing up from it is at risk of falling. This is why access to geriatric chairs designed specifically for safe movement and positioning can extend the independence of these patients. With self-propulsion by the feet, for example, the elderly patient can become mobile within their geriatric chair without the risk of falling. The beneficial effects of this mobility on their quality of life are significant.

Rocking: beneficial for the elderly

The benefits of rocking have been documented by several studies. For the elderly, frequent use of geriatric rocking chairs can be soothing, reduce perceived pain, provide relief and even promote balance. With maximum stability and armrests designed specifically to make it easier for older people to sit in and get out of the chair, LPA's medical furniture has carved out a place for itself in geriatric units and nursing homes.

Extremely safe geriatric chairs

The prevention of falls is a constant concern for managers and workers in the healthcare industry and LPA Medical is designing its geriatric chairs by focusing on this reality. Our chairs for the elderly are easily adjusted and offer caregivers the ability to adjust furniture to maximize a patient’s comfort and keep him or her securely in place. Self-locking rocking chairs that make it easier to lift the patient, reclining chairs, blood sampling chairs or wheelchairs: our large choice of models meets clinical and everyday needs in care for the elderly.

By making the care environment more user-friendly, the appropriate geriatric chairs and other medical furniture can provide better quality of life for patients in palliative care.

Caregivers and administrators
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