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Optima Healthcare Recliner

Durable, Compact and Easy to Clean

The Optima reclining medical chair, with its exceptional features, is an ideal option for healthcare establishments. Here are some reasons why you should opt for this chair for your residents.

Easy to clean and durable

  • The medical grade fabric used for this chair is impervious to moisture, making it easy to clean.
  • Its compact design fits snugly against walls, making it space-saving and easy to maintain.
  • The removable chair cushion makes it easy when it comes to cleaning it.

Comfortable and practical

  • The Optima recliner is equipped with a comfortable seat cushion to enable a pleasant sitting position.
  • The chair is designed with a moisture barrier under the seat cushion to prevent incontinence from entering the chair, which will keep your resident clean and dry.

Variety of fabrics to fit any decor

  • The Optima recliner is available in a wide variety of Crypton fabrics and faux leather, allowing it to match any decor.

The Optima reclining medical chair is a practical, comfortable and easy to disinfect option for seniors' residences, CHSLDs or seniors' homes. Opt for this chair to offer your residents a quality solution that will meet their needs.

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