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pre-cure® Adaptive Cushion

pre-cure® Pro

LPA added the Pre-cure seat on all mobility and geriatric chairs. An upgraded version is also available as an option on all models under the pre-cure® Pro assignment. The composition of the materials used and its unique design act together in a preventive or curative way special cases.

The pre-cure® Pro is available as an option on all models (except on Utility chair). Like the pre-cure®, it offers the same three foam layers, but they have pre-cut sections that can be removed to incorporate any prescribed solutions, whether preventive or curative.

Whether for air cell cushions or gel cushions, sizes 10”x 12” or 16” x 16” can be inserted inside the pre-cure® Pro.

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the caracteristics and advantages of
pre-cure® Pro

1 Maintains the configuration and ergonomics of the LPA chair

The use of a pre-cure® Pro allows the positioning specialist to maintain the ergonomics of the chair as it was designed for the occupant’s maximum comfort. As the pre-cure® Pro replaces the standard seat cushion on the chair, simply insert the prescribed solution in it without the need to re-adjust the chair.

Designed and manufactured in Canada

Lifetime structural warranty

Caregivers and administrators
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