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medical furniture / vaccination chairs

A unique vaccination chair

Our vaccination chairs are not your regular traditional reclining chairs, but rather a healthcare seating specifically designed for this specific use. They offer a superior comfort for patients, while facilitating vaccine administration and blood sampling by the nursing staff. Our vaccination chair is perfect for pharmacies, hospitals, healthcare centers, and blood sampling clinics.

An antibacterial design

LPA Medical’s vaccination chair is cleverly designed with smooth materials which help easy cleaning and disinfection. The backrest, seat, and armrests are covered in vinyl which can withstand many cleaning operations required in institutional settings. Disinfection and in-depth maintenance meet the highest sanitary standards thanks to its removable cushions. Silvertex vinyl can also be an option added to our vaccination chair. It contains silver nitrate, a material known for its antibacterial properties. It is the best option for environments where a large number of vaccinations must be carried out.

Comfort and functionality of the vaccination chair

Our vaccination chair provides patients with optimal comfort, even during prolonged sitting time. Elastic bands are incorporated into the backrest of the chair and a high resilience foam is used. The easy-to-use recline system can tilt up to 108 degrees, which provides even more leeway when it comes to patient positioning. The optional cervical support, and the adjustable leg rest all come together to give this vaccination chair the appearance of a standard room recliner chair. The wheels are designed to swivel and favor the positioning of the patient so as to facilitate to the healthcare professional intervention. The gas struts and various adjustments make this vaccination chair one of the easiest chairs in its class to handle.

Furniture designed to last

When it comes to the solid, high-quality design LPA Medical is known for, our vaccination chair is no exception. Like all of our medical and therapeutic furniture, this healthcare chair is manufactured in Canada to ensure it meets the highest industry standards. By always opting for robust and durable materials, LPA Medical designs and manufactures furniture that meets the reality of medical and care environments.

Caregivers and administrators
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