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medical furniture / stacking chairs

Our stacking chairs

LPA Medical has developed much more than conventional hospital chairs. Our medical stacking chairs are designed and manufactured especially for long-term care. Their sturdy unique design and their specialized leg ends allow moving the patient without endangering their safety. Their ergonomic design helps patients retain their autonomy and prevent injuries to caregivers.

An all-purpose medical stacking chair

Our geriatric medical stacking chairs are ergonomic and comfortable. Designed with a high-strength grade of steel, they are sturdy and can easily be moved when a patient is seated. The cushions are made of high resilience foams that ensure the comfort of the seat and backrest. Thanks to their adaptability, our all-purpose medical stacking chairs can be used in bedrooms, cafeteria areas or common areas. They are easily stackable to simplify their storage.

Quality stacking chairs adapted to your needs

Our medical stacking chairs are available in four versions with seat widths ranging from 47 to 75 cm (18 to 29 in). Bariatric and extra bariatric versions have a maximum capacity of 450 and 650 lbs. The seat height of our U-120 model can be easily changed from 16 to 19 in. (41 to 48 cm) using the standard adjustable legs. The U-120 stacking chairs are also offered with sliding glides and a handle behind the backrest. It allows safe movement without damaging the flooring and reducing risk of injury. All stacking chairs models are equipped with a vinyl cover. The Silvertex vinyl is also available as an option for all our stacking chairs with its SILVERGUARD technology that contains an antimicrobial agent to aid in infection control.

Sturdy and durable design

A lifetime warranty is offered on our medical stacking chairs and covers all manufacturing defects in the metal structure. The seat padding and the backrest are guaranteed for three years and the accessories are guaranteed for one year. Our stacking chairs are designed, manufactured and assembled in Canada. Their robust design and their medical grade materials give them great durability. These chairs are an eco-responsible choice thanks to the LPA Medical warranty. We ensure the replacement parts availability for a period of at least 10 years after the initial purchase of a stacking chair.

Caregivers and administrators
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