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medical furniture / locking glider chairs

our auto-locking glider chairs

Frequent use of auto-locking glider chairs can reduce pain, promote balance, and provide relief for the vast majority of people. These locking glider chairs are therefore an accessible way to improve the quality of life for residents of long-term care centers, patients in times of trouble, or to soothe infants and their parents in maternity wards.

Auto-locking glider chair: maximum stability to reduce falls

The unique and patented Thera-Glide® mechanisms allow the auto-locking glider chairs to stop automatically before exiting the chair. Patients will be able to enjoy a safe chair exit. For more specific needs, the auto-locking glider chair’s mechanism can also be locked manually. This healthcare seating is equipped with an anti-tip system and ergonomic armrests to facilitate transfers and reduce the risk of falls. Our auto-locking glider chairs can also be equipped with a set of removable Silvertex vinyl cushions for easy cleaning. Thera-Glide® auto-locking glider chairs are designed to meet the needs of care clinics ranging from neonatal care to geriatrics.

An armchair with a modern and custom design

The use of premium steel, wood and fabrics gives our healthcare seating a modern and sophisticated design. The many options, accessories as well as all the color choices allow the chair to be personalized to match the care environment. Several models are available to guarantee increased comfort. The metal R-series and W-series models are available in three different seat widths, ranging from 42 to 60 cm (17 to 24 in), have a maximum weight capacity of 450 lbs, and adjust in height to suit all body types. The model T-series is available in the width of 56 cm (22 in).

A sturdy chair covered by one of the best warranties

Our medical auto-locking glider chairs are designed and manufactured in Canada. The armchair's metal frame gives it the necessary sturdiness for use in medical institutions, while the wood provides richness and beautiful aesthetics. All materials used offer superior strength and are medical grade.

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