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medical furniture / healthcare rocking chairs

our auto-locking healthcare rocking chairs

Thera-Glide® self-locking healthcare rocking chairs are a safe option for patients with a loss of autonomy, mothers and their infants, as well as users being treated for a variety of conditions. The self-locking system in these healthcare rocking chairs allows patients can get up and sit down without risk. The risk of injury to nursing staff helping patients is therefore significantly reduced.

An aesthetic and stylish self-locking healthcare rocking chair

The different models of Thera-Glide® self-locking healthcare rocking chairs offer a user-friendly look through the sensible use of steel, wood and premium fabrics.

  • Transitional Thera-Glide®: a modern and sophisticated design. Its styling harmoniously blends the warmth of traditional style with an up-to-date look that easily integrates into modern aesthetics.
  • Thera-Glide® in wood: a thoughtful combination between the robustness of the metal structure and the elegance of hardwood. Endless possibilities of wood colors and coverings allow our healthcare rocking chairs to blend into all types of medical environments.
  • The Thera-Glide® OASIS: a fully upholstered chair, prefect for the clinical environment where infection control is strict.
  • Thera-Glide® in Metal: with the sought-after design of its metal frame, this hospital rocking chair doesn't sacrifice aesthetic for functionality.

Easy to maintain swing chairs

The metal structure of our self-locking healthcare rocking chairs is coated with electrostatic paint and an antibacterial additive to limit the spread of bacteria. Our engineers made sure that the chairs meet the strictest disinfection criteria. That's why LPA Medical also offers cushions with minimum stitching and a polyurethane armrest option. Our healthcare rocking chairs can also be upgraded with a set of removable Silvertex vinyl cushions to facilitate cleaning.

An eco-responsible and sustainable choice

Our self-locking healthcare rocking chairs are designed to last. The medical grade metal frame is covered by a lifetime warranty. We also ensure the availability of replacement parts for a period of at least 10 years after purchase. All our Thera-Glide® healthcare rocking chairs are also covered by a 5-year warranty on wood structures, three years on mechanisms and upholstery and one year on accessories. This guarantee promises an eco-responsible and more economical healthcare seating that will last a long time and provide a low cost of ownership.

Caregivers and administrators
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