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  • The Optimum chair is a geriatric positioning tilt-in-space chair primarily used in long-term care for users who require an adjustable tilt to prevent pressure ulcers.

  • Yes, the Optimum can be adjusted into an optimal position to transfer a user using any of the main lifting systems on the market.

  • The Optimum comes in 4 seat widths:

    • 18" (45 cm) and 20" (52cm) with a 300 lb. (136 kg) weight capacity
    • 22" (56 cm) and 24" (61 cm) with a 450 lb. (204 kg) weight capacity
  • The maximum tilt angle is 30 degrees.

  • The Optimum backrest’s maximum opening angle is 145 degrees. However, the Optimum is equipped with a collar on the backrest’s gas cylinder angle controller that can be adjusted to limit the maximum opening angle. In situations where opening the backrest angle is prohibited, the collar can be adjusted to its shortest position and keep the backrest’s angle from being adjusted.

  • Yes, the seat depth is quickly adjustable without tools. The seat depth is adjustable from 15 ½" to 19" (39 to 48 cm)

  • The standard seat-to-floor height is 20 ½" (52 cm). However, the Optimum can be ordered with option AA-03 that reduces the seat height by 2" (5 cm) to a seat-to-floor height of 18 ½".

  • Yes, they are adjustable from 0" to 8 ½" (0 to 22 cm) to make transfers easier.

  • The angle is adjustable from 80 to 132 degrees.

  • A list of replacement parts for the Optimum can be found in the user’s manual.

  • The warranty covers manufacturing defects on the metallic structure for the product’s usable lifetime, upholstery for 3 years, mechanical components (gas cylinders, cables, handles and wheels) for 2 years, and accessories for 1 year. For more details see the Warranty page.

  • No, this kind of washing may cause important components of the chair to rust and void the warranty.

  • Contact us and we will be happy to make an appointment with you or refer you to the dealer closest to you!

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