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  • The Nomad can be used for short-term or long-term care when the patient needs to be mobilized over a long distance within a facility. Its adjustable tilt can be used to assist staff during transfers. It is often used as a mobile armchair.

  • Most Geri chairs are designed to be inexpensive to manufacture and therefore durability, adjustability and user comfort is often overlooked in the process. The Nomad is designed to be fully adjustable to the occupant’s physical condition, is very sturdy and remains comfortable even after hours of sitting. Its upholstery is fully removable and can be cleaned separately. Every part of the chair is replaceable if it gets damaged.

  • Yes! The Nomad is designed with few seams to make cleaning easy. Its covering is easy to remove when needed and its standard antibacterial-vinyl withstands common cleaning products used in the health field.

  • The Nomad comes standard with a 15 ¾ "to 19 ¼" (40 to 49 cm) tool-less seat depth adjustment, as well as a gas cylinder powered backrest and tilt.

  • The Nomad has a 21 "(53 cm) seat and a seat-to-floor height of 17 ½" (44 cm). Its weight capacity is 250 lbs. (114 kg) and its overall width is 27 ½ "(70 cm). The wheels can be changed to adjust the height.

  • Yes, it’s called the Versatile armchair.

  • The LPA warranty covers any manufacturing defects on the Nomad’s metal structure for its useful lifetime, upholstery for 3 years, mechanical components for 2 years and accessories for 1 year. For more information, consult the Warranty page.

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